What Our Parents Say About Us


“I know my child is safe and I don’t worry about her during the day. I know she is learning a great deal and I appreciate how open Natanya has been for feedback about what does and does not work.” – Nicole P

“Little Elephant is clearly doing an excellent job in promoting self-sufficiency and socialization as well as “academic” skills. Since I have very little time in the classroom, I relish any and all opportunities to talk with staff about my child, what they’re doing in the classroom, what they could be doing. I appreciate the staff’s efforts to make themselves available through conferences, education night, hanging around to chat. I also think Little Elephant has done a good job of fostering relationships between the families, which I value and enjoy.” – Mary H

“The teachers are very warm and loving to the children.” – Lily T

“The parent community enabled by LE is greatly appreciated.” – Joan N

“It is an outstanding program.” – Sarah L

“It’s the best. Thank, thank you, and thank you!” – Laurel L

“My kids have been going to Little elephant too since January. They LOVE it. Teachers have been amazing in supporting us through the transition. Natanya is great! The whole team really cares about the kids and their wellbeing. The parents community is amazing. I couldn’t recommend the school more!” – Maud O

“Words can’t explain how great of a school this is. My daughter started when she was 2.5 until 6 years old. She loved it. Great teachers and wonderful community. My six week old baby will be there the minute he’s able! I highly recommend this preschool” – Christina J

“If I could give Little Elephant in Berkeley ten stars, I would.

The school is fantastic from the classroom environment to the incredible teachers who are so nurturing and loving. At the same time, the school instills a great sense of independence, fun and community at an early age, which I really liked. It’s a true Montessori school, which is a rare thing to find.

My daughter (who is two-and-a-half) is shy, observant and yet, independent and eager to try new things. It’s a strange combination and Little Elephant took it in stride. They were so incredibly kind and gentle with helping her transition from being with a nanny to being in a school environment.  It was unbelievable how much patience and true warmth they showed her. I wish everyone could have such an open hearted environment as their first experience of schooling. All the staff (who range in ages and ethnicities, which is another awesome, rare facet) teach the children manners, about patience, how to share and help out, and other age appropriate social, as well as academic skills. Under their care, my daughter has blossomed both socially and emotionally.

She clearly loves her teachers. She loves going to school. She comes home singing songs and chattering about all the great things that happened at Little Elephant. As a family, we are also beyond impressed with the staff who have been flexible, caring and supportive of our family’s needs. They have been amazing partners for us.

If a family is interested in a Montessori education or really, just a great place in which their child can flourish, I would strongly and wholeheartedly, recommend Little Elephant in Berkeley.” – Vivien B

“No one can prepare you for the emotions you’ll face when choosing a preschool and trusting your little person in the care of others. We knew we wanted a Montessori, but even with that parameter, we learned from visiting practically every Montessori in the East Bay that Montessori in theory and practice varies wildly.

So it was such a relief when we found Little Elephant in Berkeley and instantly had our Goldilocks moment – it was an easy choice, a painless application process, and has been transformative in our son’s social and cognitive development from day one. Most importantly, it just makes all of us so happy. Our little guy loves it as much (if not more) than we do, as evidenced by how he (literally) sings its praises anytime he’s not there. Vacation in Hawaii? “I want to sing songs with Miss Julie.” Playing hookie to go to the beach? “I don’t want to miss circle time.” Hanging with Grandma and Grandpa? “Let’s talk about my friends.”

Little Elephant’s teachers and classroom foster a peaceful environment of love, patience and warmth, while nurturing independence, structure, and self and community-awareness. Natanya is passionate about (and abundantly qualified in) the Montessori method, and has meticulously implemented the pedagogy throughout every facet. Our son’s compassion and self-reflection has flourished, which made his recent transition to “big brother” completely smooth sailing, and other parents can’t believe it when they see our just-over-2-year-old socially engaged during “adult” meals, thoughtful and considerate about sharing, setting and clearing the table, intentionally putting toys away before starting a new activity, folding his laundry, and (shocker) going to the bathroom by himself. All thanks to the Montessori concept (and practice) that children are much more capable than we give them credit! (A saying we hear a lot is “please help me do it by myself.”)

I truly can’t say enough good things about the director Natanya, the incredibly caring and qualified teachers, and the beautiful classroom; the entire experience has been such an eye-opening blessing for our entire family. So I’ll leave you with is this: enrollment caps at 24, get your spot while you still can!” – Laura N