Little Elephant is open!

Both our campuses are open! We are excited to start the new school year on August 10th in Rockridge and August 17th in Berkeley.

We continue to follow health and safety guidelines with small class sizes of 12 children per group.

Temperature and health check at drop ff each day.

All adults are wearing masks all day. Children are encouraged to but it is not required.

All materials are disinfected after each use.

Children have assigned tables and their own pencil box with supplies.

Each child has their own special work rug. This helps to keep their work organized on the floor and also encourages physical distancing.

We have shortened our hours to 8:30-3:30pm in order to maintain additional staff during those hours to help with the extra cleaning and disinfecting requirements.

While it has been a big shift for all of us the children have adapted beautifully as expected.

We do have a couple of openings beginning Sept 1st at Rockridge and August 17th at Berkeley.

We hope you are all staying safe and look forward to a wonderful new school year!